Monte Carasso 1979 — 2014

The village of Monte Carasso (2800 inhabitants) is situated on the outskirts of Bellinzona, capital city of the Ticino canton in the Italian region of Switzerland, south of the Alps.

This region, always considered an important crossroad between the southern and northern cultures on opposite sides of the Alps, has been recognized around the world because of the contributions it has made to modern architecture during the last decades.
Besides the resonance of individual architectural interventions, Ticino architecture have developed a contemporary urban vision clearly manifested in the work of Luigi Snozzi in Monte Carasso.
In 1978, as a result of negative experiences with the former master plan from the 60’s, the community of Monte Carasso requested Luigi Snozzi to study the placement of a new elementary school in the abandoned ex-convent located in the middle of the town as an alternative to the peripheral position (near the freeway) proposed in the first plan.
Called up for what seemed to be a simple restoration and reuse project for the most important and significant monument of the town, Snozzi took advantage of the freedom granted by the community and proposed a g l obal requalifying of the whole area with a subsequent new master plan and new road network.
The proposal is based on the principle of a clear delineation of the new “monumental centre”. Delineation evidenced physically, by the creation of voids, new street alignments and the construction of significant and precise buildings which stabilize the new requalified center.
Meanwhile, new principles are defined for thereassessment of the historical nucleus of the village, maximizing the density of the existing fabric to avoid the dissemination of new construction throughout the whole territory of Monte Carasso and consequently giving new meaning to future development.


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